Leibold und Amann GmbH + Co. KG

Peak precision for over 70 years
by swabian entrepreneurship


About us

Nowadays, precision technology requires more than simply producing workpieces of different materials. To us, precision technology means to develop and to track a project together with the customer from the idea up to the maturity phase.

LEIBOLD & AMANN are well prepared for constantly growing demands, be it with respect to complicated workpiece geometries, increased quality standards, batch size flexibility or just-intime deliveries. LEIBOLD & AMANN have been one of the first companies in the precision technology field to incorporate the requirements of the Total Quality Management in their corporate philosophy.

Regardless of whether the batch sizes are small or big, the workpieces complex or simple, the high manufacturing depth of LEIBOLD & AMANN allows to meet any customer requirements.

As a result of our strong engagement and high propensity to invest, we have achieved a standard enabling us to sustain our position as preferred supplier for renowned automotive companies and their subcontractors for years.

This successful development is reflected in the awards received from our customers, giving us incentive to continue setting standards in precision technology, thus enabling our customers to benefit from our high level of performance also in the future.
Our reputation is built on it!!